Scratch Off Map Poster

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Scratch Map is brilliant! Its the perfect way to show off where you've

been travelling while livening up your wall with a colourful world map.

Scratch Map is an amazingly high quality, uber-massive wall map,

featuring a gold top foil layer.

Why? Because you get a unique, slick

looking gold wall map to start with, and then scratch off all the places

you've visited to reveal a whole new world below, featuring colour

and geographical detail.

The result is a totally unique and personalised

world map.

Comes packaged in a slick tube, the ultimate in Travel gifts!


This 81.9 x 58.2 cm world map is based on the idea of the scratch

card so you just scratch off the places you've been and bright colours

will be revealed underneath. Scratch Map also includes facts about

certain countries and cities.


Size: 81.9 x 58.2 cm / 32.24 x 22.91 in


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