RIM (OEM) BlackBerry® Screen Wipe for BlackBerry

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Keeps your screen clean from dirt, grease, dust, and more.


Fommy Product Review:

Looking for a small but easy way to keep your device clean? Get rid of those fingerprints and smudges with the BlackBerry Screen Wipe by RIM.

It looks simple enough, being roughly a five by five inch piece of black cloth with the BlackBerry logo emblazoned dutifully on one corner, a mark of RIM's professional design and great quality. Like most microfiber cleaning cloths it has a very simple purpose, to clean. These cloths are great at removing dirt, grease, and dust from your device without scratching it up in the process; and they require neither wet cleaning solutions nor a lot of force. To boot, they are very reusable and can even be throw into the washing machine time and time again, which could in the long run actually save you money, not to mention you won't be contributing to a big landfill.

To use it, simply wipe it across the surface you want to clean a couple of times and it should be as good as new. Not only is it good for cleaning cell phones (and not just your BlackBerry), these cloths are good for cleaning any sort of device, especially those who use LCD's, and they are even great for cleaning a pair of spectacles.

This cloth may be a bit more expensive than most of the competitors, but it makes up for it in quality. The cloth is overall, much tighter knit than most cleaning clothes and isn’t as stretchy, meaning that it will both last longer and cleans quicker, a winning combination.




BlackBerry 7100i

BlackBerry 7100g

BlackBerry 6750

BlackBerry 6720

BlackBerry 6710

BlackBerry 6510

BlackBerry 6280

BlackBerry 6230

BlackBerry 6220

BlackBerry 5820


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