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Marble Print Scarf Women Scarves For Women Silk Scarf Square Silk Scarf Hair Bandana Scarf Neck Scarf Neckwear Scarves For Men Scarf Renowned for its soft and silky touch, the silk square scarf is made from light silk feel fabrics. Wearing it comes very simple as you can tie it around the neck with a simple square knot. You can also fold it in a triangle and tie it to the back of your neck such that the triangle point towards your chest. You can also rock the silk square scarf by just attaching it to your hair like bandana or tying it around your wrist. You may think of other stylish combination. A rare beauty that distinguishes the scarf is that it can be worn with all sort of accessories and would still make you look great. We have the best similar design home goods in stock. These are the different sizes of silk feel scarfs that are available in our stock for sale: 26x26 inches - 65x65 cm 30x30 inches – 75x75 cm 35x35 inches – 90x90 cm PAYMENT Individuals who do not have a PayPal account can use their debit or credit card to make a payment with the help of a guest account on PayPal. SHIPPING INFORMATION Your items will be shipped within three-five business days once we confirm your payment. Shipments to the United States and other countries will take about two to four weeks to arrive the destination while consignments to Canada, Australia and Italy will come after three to five weeks. INFORMATION The real colors of goods may be different from how they appear on your computer screen/display. These pictures are real and protected by copyright rules. Contact us also if it is your wish to buy something special.


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