Manifestation Goddess Crop Tank

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In our current society it is common to take a masculine approach in achieving our dreams. We strive, strain and struggle while losing that deep connection to ourselves in the process. Struggling to reach our goals and dreams results in burnout which keeps us from being the powerful goddesses that we truly are.

You are a manifestation goddess with the ability to manifest the life you desire. By tapping into your feminine wisdom and power available to you, you can manifest and create with effortless ease. Being a manifestation goddess means to create with joy and excitement and enjoying the journey of life. Wear this shirt and feel your bliss, confidence, and the abundance that flows through you.

Made out of our favorite poly/cotton blend, this soft and flowy cropped tank is a beautiful feminine mauve color and an absolute essential in your manifestation journey. It’s perfect for pairing with your favorite denim or high rise leggings on a sunny summer day.

Color: Mauve

Fabric: Polyester Cotton Blend

Care: Wash inside-out with cold water and hang dry or tumble dry on low. 

Sizing: Model is 5’7" and wearing a size small. 


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