Air Force II Car Fragrance Diffuser Vent Clip

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1.Eliminate odors and create an inviting aroma in your car. Provide best protection to your beloved family and friends.

2.The appearance to a single turbine engine as a prototype, to the propeller as the visual center, in the full shape of the turbine to find the junction of retro and fashion. With a sophisticated metal plating craftsmanship, designer shows his respect to the industrial age of 1960s.

3. When traffic jam or traffic lights, you can slide the propeller to pass the time .


Size: 55x55x54.5mm

Weight: 100g

Material: Metal + Plastic + PE

How To Use:

A. Twist off the alloy head of diffuser.

B. Take out one piece of PE material refill pad from the capsule.

C. Put the PE material in the unscrewed diffuser, and screw it back.

D. Insert the silica gel base angles of diffuser into the air outlet grille.

Package Included:

1x Air Force II car fragrance diffuser

5x Refill oceanic pads

1x User manual

1x Gift box


1.Please don't change the purpose of scented slice. Keep it away from seats or other objects in the car.

2. Keep the children away from the slice. If swallow, go to the hospital imeditaly. Please stop using it if you feel uncomfortable.

3. If you are the allergic skin , when you need change scented please use gloves.


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