Lazarus Naturals - CBD Tincture - Full Spectrum Classic

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Lazarus Naturals - CBD Tincture - Full Spectrum Classic - 450mg-6000mg

In order to maintain purity and quality, our Classic tinctures are unflavored and additive free. They are made using all-natural ingredients, just the way nature intended. We also offer a selection of infused tinctures that are flavored naturally with extracts and terpenes.

Using hemp grown on our own Lazarus Farms, we render CBD-rich extract from the plant using an ethanol-based process. We then dilute the extract with organic hemp seed oil to ensure accurate CBD concentration according to product potency. This CBD tincture uses whole plant extract containing a broad spectrum of naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes.

  • Made with Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • Comes with a graduated dropper to ensure accurate serving size
  • Vegan and gluten-free with no artificial flavors, preservatives or sweeteners


Whether you are new to CBD, or an experienced connoisseur who prefers a more moderate potency, the Lazarus Naturals standard potency full spectrum CBD tincture is an incredible option. With the best full spectrum CBD around, and a carefully selected list of top-tier ingredients, it is no wonder that this impressive tincture has become one of the most highly sought after products on the market. To ensure the utmost quality, the Lazarus Naturals full spectrum classic is formulated in-house, and sent to third-party laboratories to undergo rigorous tests to confirm its content and purity. If you are in search of the finest moderate-potency full spectrum CBD tincture available, then your search is over, because you've found the classic full spectrum CBD tincture from Lazarus Naturals!

Unlike the sub-par CBD often offered by other brands, Lazarus Naturals classic full spectrum CBD tincture does not contain any residual pesticides, chemicals, or animal products. This impressive tincture is unflavored and embraces the naturally rich flavor of hemp terpenes. When quality and purity are of the utmost importance, it isn't even a question, reach for Lazarus Naturals classic full spectrum CBD tincture, and treat yourself to a truly premium experience.


How It's Made

Lazarus Naturals maintains an undying dedication to quality, and spends a great deal of time and energy pursuing a seed-to-shelf approach with the classic full spectrum CBD tincture. The hemp used in this powerful extract is grown using ethical farming practices on bucolic farms owned by Lazarus Naturals. After the hemp plants have had time to grow to full maturity they are harvested and moved to an on-site drying facility. Great care is taken in the drying process to make certain that the hemp plants reach a moisture level that is optimal for the next phase of production.

By using an incredibly efficient ethanol-based extraction method, Lazarus Naturals ensures that the cannabidiol, terpenes, and other beneficial compounds are transferred from the hemp plant to the resulting extract oil. After the extraction process is complete, the oil is distilled, and prepared to be sent to third-party laboratories for testing. Lazarus Naturals pays close attention to detail throughout the entire formulation process to make absolutely certain that the full spectrum classic CBD tincture maintains their incredibly high standards, and allows their customers a CBD that is nothing short of impressive.


High-Quality Ingredients

When Lazarus Naturals developed the full spectrum classic CBD tincture, effectiveness and purity were of the highest priority. The only way to achieve the level of quality embodied in the full spectrum classic tincture from Lazarus Naturals, is by way of a carefully selected list of high-quality ingredients and top-tier CBD. To create a perfectly balanced, full spectrum CBD tincture oil Lazarus Naturals combines high quality hemp extract with fractionated coconut oil which contains desirable medium-chain triglycerides and helps the beneficial compounds become more readily bioavailable to the user. What manufacturers use in the formulation of a CBD product are of the utmost importance to its overall quality, and if you wont accept anything but the best ingredients, then Lazarus Naturals full spectrum classic is the perfect CBD tincture for you.


Lazarus Naturals Full Spectrum Classic CBD Tincture Contains: Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Hemp Extract


CONTAINS: Tree Nuts (Coconut)

Consult your doctor before use if you have been advised against eating grapefruit.

Lab Tested

Unlike so many companies that offer their customers CBD that whose production has primarily been out-sourced, Lazarus Naturals takes direct responsibility for the classic full spectrum CBD tincture and every step of its production, so it is no surprise to see the amazing lab results. All Lazarus Naturals full spectrum classic CBD tincture are sent to third-party laboratories where they undergo rigorous testing to ensure their potency, purity, and that they do not contain any heavy metals, toxic chemicals, or pesticides. Lab reports are made available to customers, and have an easy to read list of all the ingredients and compounds present in this amazing full spectrum CBD tincture.


Customer Reviews

If you want to see how truly effective this tincture is, just take a look at some customer reviews. People absolutely love Lazarus Naturals full spectrum classic CBD tincture, and use it for a variety of different purposes. There are a large number of customers who have turned to Lazarus Naturals classic full spectrum CBD tincture, and never gone back to any other product. With an incredible list of carefully selected ingredients and the highest quality, ethically grown hemp extract on the market, this tincture has become a standard for excellence, and has one the hearts of customers throughout the country. When you are ready to join all of the dedicated, happy customers who have decided they deserve the best, then reach for Lazarus Naturals classic full spectrum CBD tincture, and experience the amazing power of truly top-tier CBD


  • 15ml - 225mg Standard Potency
  • 60ml - 900mg Standard Potency
  • 30ml - 450mg Standard Potency
  • 120ml - 1800mg Standard Potency
  • 30ml - 1,500mg High Potency
  • 60ml - 3,000mg High Potency
  • 120ml - 6,000mg High Potency

Ingredients: Organic Hempseed Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Hemp Extract
CONTAINS: Tree Nuts (Coconut)

Suggested Use: Take 1ml as needed, or as directed by your healthcare provider. May take up to 2 hours for full effect. Serving may vary greatly by individual

Lab Reports

30ml - High Potency - 1500mg Lab Report
15ml - Standard Potency - 300mg Lab Report
15ml - Standard Potency - 225mg Lab Report
60ml - Standard Potency - 1200mg Lab Report


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